Lou Reed ~ “listen I’m going to sit with you until you finish it”

Thinking of this video this morning upon hearing Lou Reed has died.
So beautiful and tender:

Laurie Anderson: I was going to give up because it was simply too daunting, and too lonely, so I’m kind of crying about it every day, and finally Lou –and that’s Lou Reed, the guitar player, and my husband, and my best friend of nineteen years got a little sick of hearing this and said listen I’m going to sit with you until you finish it. And I said, no you’re joking right? Who would do that?

Lou Reed: Sometimes it’s useful to have somebody else come in who loves and admires the thing you’re working on, but maybe has a little bit of distance.  The author may be so deep in, in her case, 106 tracks– What do you do with 106 tracks? It’s almost–

Laurie Anderson: He became familiar with the million little pieces. It was a way for me to go, “It could either go these six ways, and he’d go ‘#3.'”

Lou Reed: It’s useful maybe, not maybe, it’s useful to have someone you can trust, who’s on your side, not trying represent the point of view of the record company, or their own whatever, just help you get were you wanted to go with the thing as soon as possible.



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