proJECT Space Walks is a series of exploratory writing walks I am curating as part of an artist’s residency in Poetry at the Headlands Center for the Arts, two weeks of which (4/6 – 20) will take place in the Project Space.  The Project Space is an 1800 square foot studio open to the public on five afternoons a week (Tues – Fri. + Sun., Noon – 5).

The walks extend out from the Project Space, both in time–-happening over 8 weeks in March and April–-and into the Headlands landscape itself.

This series is one of several projects exploring poetry as arising out of inquiry and interaction.  Each walk offers different frameworks for paying attention.  Also, the walks provide a remedy for my frequent wish, when walking along a beach, to be walking alongside, for example, a physicist or geologist. I imagine other people might share this wish.

Each of the walks will have a writing component.  If you wish to take part in this, please bring along paper and pen.  These will be provided if you forget!

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